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Friday, 28 March 2014

Health Plus Folic Acid supplements and the Health Plus Pregnancy Multivitamin supplements Giveaway

Health Plus Folic Acid supplements and the Health Plus Pregnancy Mulitvitamin Giveaway

5 Lucky People could win both  the Health Plus Folic Acid AND  the Health Plus Pregnancy Multivitamin.

Folic Acid 400µg - For All Pregnant Women!

Folic Acid is a carrier for the iron containing protein in haemoglobin and is vital to the formation of red blood cells, mitosis and cell reproduction also depend on Folic Acid to synthesise RNA and DNA - the source of cell life - which is why pregnant women are recommended to take at least 400µg per day. It's also now gaining popularity for its many other health-maintenance benefits, including cardiovascular.

  • A comprehensive and advanced pregnancy specific, one-a-day supplement.
  • A staggering formulation of 25 essential vitamins and minerals to safeguard nutrient intake for both mother and baby.
  • Several times the strength of regular supermarket one-a-day multivitamins and high in Folic Acid and other nutrients essential for proper foetal development.
  • Supportive nutrients for a healthy pregnancy!

Thank you to PMW Communications Ltd for the great giveaway. 

All information supplied is not my own opinion but is taken from Health Plus. 

For a Chance to win both of these prizes worth £8.90 per set please enter the rafflecopter below.  5 entries will be chosen to win a set of the above prizes each. Prizes will be sent out directly from PMW Communications and should be with you within 28 days. 

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

TOP 10 National Trust Places to Spring Spot

The Top Ten National Trust Places to Spring Spot 

A leading beatboxer, Jason Singh,  has vocally recreated the sound of songbirds to encourage the nation to get outdoors and experience nature at first hand. As a family we love the outdoors and visiting different places is always an exciting day out.

  The National Trust  have commissioned the album of tweet music as it has been demonstrated through research that there are positive health benefits of listening to the sounds of spring. They all have a positive impact on our happiness and optimism.

So what are we waiting for... take a glimpse at these ten beautiful places to visit this spring and perhaps you may be able to take a trip out in our spring sunshine (!) to visit one of them and spot for yourselves the signs and sounds of spring.

1. Mottisfont, Hampshire

A romantic house and gallery set in beautiful riverside gardens

2. Tatton Park - Cheshire

An historical estate with a neo-classical mansion, 50 acres of landscaped gardens, 1000 acres of deer park, a rare breed farm and medieval Old Hall.

3. Biddulph Grange Garden - Staffordshire

Delightful high Victorian garden - an extraordinary survival from the 19th century

4. Hardcastle Crags - West Yorkshire

Beautiful wooded valley with 19th-century Gibson Mill at its heart

5. Brockhampton Estate - Herefordshire

Traditionally farmed estate and medieval manor house

6. Batemans - East Sussex

Jacobean house, home of Rudyard Kipling

7. Sherringham Park - Norfolk

Landscape park and woodland garden with miles of stunning coastal views

8. Polesden Lacey - Surrey

The perfect setting for an Edwardian country retreat

9. Quantock Hills - Sommerset

The Quantock Hills in Somerset are wonderful for walking, biking and horse riding; and their captivating views of the Bristol Channel, Wales, the Mendip and Blackdown Hills, Exmoor and the Somerset Levels inspired one of our greatest poets.

10.  Sugarloaf and Usk Valley - Monmouthshire

Iconic mountains, rich countryside and a sweeping 18th century landscaped park

Please note all photographs and descriptions are from the National Trust Website and are not my own. 

Monday, 24 March 2014

Win a LOGO Prize Pair from Drumond Park

Fancy Winning Two of the UK Top Ten Board Games from Drumond Park:

The ‘LOGO’ family game

A great game for all the family with 400 question cards in three categories, 200 pictorial,100 themed and 100 'Pot Luck'. Each picture card has full or part logo images to identify along with questions relating to the brand. This could be Wrigley' Gum, BMW or Birds Eye! Themed cards have headings such as 'birds' or 'relatives'. Pot Luck cards have a variety of brand themed questions. Guess correctly and you win the card. Every player is making their way to the Winning Zone and once there, if you get your question right you win. 
This is a lovely brand recognition and knowledge game, designed for family members of any age.


The ‘LOGO What Am I?’ children’s game

A multi-award winning game fresh from Drumond Park, which now boasts three activities built into the game. Players can choose to guess, draw or use their describing skills to race to the finish. Players have 60 seconds, using the timer provided, to try and draw, describe or guess what is on their opponents card.

The pack of cards features lots of well known companies and brands and other products. The game comes complete with  a colourful board, playing pieces, 60 second timer and hundreds of the cards.

Thanks to Drumond Park for this fantastic competition. 

Why not try ..
The Official LOGO board game app.  It’s on the Apple list (for iPhones and iPads), and it’s absolutely free!  This is the one and only Official LOGO app, published with fully granted permissions and approvals from all the contributing companies.There are 7 question types - Reveal, Blur, Tilt, Grid, Shape, Colour and Trivia - and 12 levels of play, involving more than 1,600 questions and approaching 400 images in all.

To win LOGO and LOGO Who am I?  please fill in the rafflecopter below.......

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Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Big Sugar Debate.....

Yet another 'do not' or 'do' thing of the moment? 

I am usually quite ambivalent to all the 'fads' I read or hear about to do with our diets, I read a bit about it and then carry on as usual!  
We are (or I thought we were) a healthy eating family. I cook from fresh when I can, I limit snacks (in fact we have cut them out totally now), don't let the children have too much junk style food in one day. However when all the media kicked off about the amount of sugar we were eating I stopped to pause.  The more I read the more I thought. So the other day armed with a typically bad days food and the internet, I worked out how much sugar we would eat in that one day. I picked the worse possible scenario, i.e. out all day, got to fix tea quickly, children starving when they walk in the door etc... 

161g of sugar 

That scared me especially as the recommended amount of sugar per day for a child aged between 5 - 10 years is 85g. Thank goodness we don't have many of those 'bad' days but we still eat far too much sugar. I did calculate all the sugars eaten in a day, natural (i.e. in fruit and vegetables) and added sugar ( yoghurts, chocolate, breakfast cereals etc). 

I then worked out how we could drop as much sugar as possible without being silly or restricting our diets. So we are still eating fruit, veg, pasta etc. We are still going to have chocolate, ice cream etc but as a far more infrequent treat than usual. I am going to investigate sugar free baking. 

 Did you know that there are 20g of sugar in a tin of baked beans, I nearly fell over when I read that. Our weekly, easy tea for mummy, of baked beans on toast is going to once a fortnight now! I have read up on breakfast cereals and whilst we weren't doing too badly I have chosen to swap to Ready Brek and Shredded Wheat bite size to start with. No added honey etc (which had slowly been increasing in frequency!). Gone are the flavoured yoghurts and frube tubes in the lunchboxes. In comes the Greek yoghurt! The orange and apple juice, at 10.7g and 11.3g are going, it will be water or milk. I am back to making my own bread and not buying processed bread anymore ( I was getting lazy!) and we are giving brown rice and wholemeal pasta a go ( there is not much difference in sugar in the pasta but I thought it wouldn't hurt to have a change). 

I fully anticipate a full scale riot!! We have spoken to the children about the changes we are going to be making, which was met with a few groans and a few words of encouragement! We'll see..... I am hoping though that it will make a difference to their behaviour, as we do know that they turn feral at times! We have poured 161g of sugar into a glass jar and intend on showing it to them before tea tonight!!