Monday, 12 March 2012

Stripping Beds!

Stripped 5 beds this morning.

But I need your help!!!

The Easy Bit 

 Pull off the sheets, roll into a big ball and push down the stairs!

Shove coloured sheets in the washing machine and put on a wash cycle.

The Slightly Irritating Bit

Find enough drying space for 5 beds worth of sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases. Quite possible but it looks like I've made the house into a play den!

The Really Irritating and Hard Bit

Putting the duvet cover back on!!!!

I turn the duvet cover inside out and then put my arms in grabbing two corners of the duvet and shake like a mad women possessed.   I end up hot, sweaty and with a  duvet all tangled up and bunched up at one end.

So then I take hold of the other end and shake again - duvet then settles into place!!

The In Between Bit 

C4 climbs on the bed, lies on the massive washing pile and refuses to move and gets in the half made bed and snores!!!!!!

The Bit that Made Me Chuckle

Caught hubby standing over the washing machine vacantly gazing at the powder tray. He then said 'I can't remember how to do this!!!'.

Oh the mileage I got out of that,still chuckling now!!

He then had the cheek to say 'Put the kettle on!'

The Help Bit

Come on ladies and gents help me out........

How do you put your duvet covers on without ending up like a raging sweaty bull?

All suggestions welcome, and don't say get hubby to do it because I might be waiting a while!!!!


  1. Do you find it easier doing them all on one day? I do one a day although it does seem like I'm forever stripping beds!!! I do the inside out bit to which isn't too bad. Dreading when DD1 gets her high bed for her birthday and I have to make a bed which is above her wardrobe... Gonna be lots of fun NOT! But her room is too small to fit a bed and a wardrobe but she doesn't want to share with DD2 anymore

  2. I did try doing it on rotation;doing one a day sounds like a good idea (although I would have to make a chart to remind me whose I had done!!)I have the bunk bed and cabin bed dilemma as well,you need to climb up on top and then leaver up the mattress to fit the sheet on!!! (and make sure baby isn't swiftly following up the ladder after you!!)
    Thanks for the idea

  3. The best way it to turn the cover inside out, put your arms inside it, to the corners, grab hold of the duvet and shake. Works for me every time I need to change the sheets on my log bed.

    1. Thanks for your comments, I do this but think I have too many beds to change!