Friday, 2 November 2012

Headbanz Game Review

The Headbanz Game was kindly sent by The Entertainer  for my family to review.

I don't say this about many games as they can be fiddly, take ages to set up and end up with children getting bored half way through; but this game made us roar with laughter.

My 5 year old daughter wanted to join in, even though the game suggests it is for age 7+.  My Dad (Grandpa) joined in with the game, aged 60 plus, and slight of hearing (which was a benefit!) as my 5 year old said to him, in reply to his question, 'Am I a bird?'......, 'No you're not a bird you're a chicken'.... laugh, I had tears running down my cheeks. Grandpa didn't hear her properly and went on to try and ask more questions which had us all rolling about laughing. She then had her go and proceeded to look around at everyone else's card saying 'Am I a butterfly?', 'Am I a bed?'. She did work out she was a cake, eventually, by asking some really quite good questions.

The game provides cards with question examples to help the younger members of the family with their questioning skills. The other cards have pictures and 'I am a ....' written on them. They are bright and colourful and offer a range of objects, animals etc.

My 7 year old enjoyed the game and asked some very good questions, managing to narrow down his guesses quite quickly. My 9 year old said it was 'Awesome!' and asked if we could play it every night! My husband selected the cards on one round and with a smirk on his face put my card in my headband, just guess what he had chosen!! He said it was random but I refuse to believe him!

Each player takes it in turns, using the sand timer, to ask questions to try and work out what their card is. We started to use the counters to mark how many guesses you had had but gave up with those because we didn't feel it was necessary.

The game is easy to set up, simply slip the blue head band on your head using the adjustable slots, put a card in and off you go.

I can confidently say this a great family game, designed to bring much hilarity and fun. It also helps children to develop their questioning and listening skills!!

Thank you to The Entertainer for letting us play and share this game with you, a must have for every family.

If you pop over to The Entertainer now the game is currently reduced to £10.40. A great buy for Christmas!

p.s. I was the ' I am a cow' card, which the children thought was hilarious, revenge is sweet!!! Can't wait for the next game!

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