Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Drumond Park Spin Mania Review

We were sent this exciting game to play and review by DRUMOND PARK. Once it arrived in the post the children were chomping at the bit to play and we were not disappointed.

The challenge is to 'spin up' three  plates on the Spinning Machine and get them on to the three stands using the spin-spike, whilst making sure all the plates are still spinning. It is a race against the clock; as the fastest person to complete the challenge wins the game. The rules of the game suggest you decide upon a game area, the spinning stands can then be put in different places, even under a table! (but no hiding them!).

My children are aged 2 to 9 years and they all had a go. Spin Mania is directed for children at around age 6+,  however my two year old was amazing and managed to get all 3 plates on the stands in a quicker time than her mother!!! Due to much applause she wanted to play again and again.

We did change the rules slightly and allowed the youngest to move the plates a short distance and made the distance and hiding places harder for the eldest.

Spin Mania retails for £22.99, we felt this was a fair price as it was a game that we could all play and would continue to enjoy all year around.

The children all felt it would make an excellent birthday party game, especially if the prize for the winner was edible and sweet!!

Spin Mania helps children develop concentration , good hand to eye co-ordination and balance skills and all in an exciting game.

The spinning machine uses 2 'C' batteries, which I don't think (in this house) will last very long!!! So remember to keep a supply in.

If you want to watch the game in action pop over to DRUMOND PARK where you can watch a short video clip.

Thank you to Drumond Park for sending us Spin Mania to play and review. 

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