Sunday, 27 January 2013

Puzzler World 2013 Review

Puzzler World 2013 for the Nintendo DS Review

If you are a puzzle lover you will not be disappointed. There are over 1000 puzzles to tackle, some of which take a long time, whilst others can be completed quite quickly. Once you have completed a puzzle you can win the chance to play a bonus game and get a chance to spin on the fruit machine to win extra hint tips. The hint tips are good and I certainly used them quite a lot!! 

My two eldest children, aged 8 and 9 had a go at some of the puzzles and enjoyed being challenged. They preferred the quicker puzzles and ran out of perseverance skills with the longer ones! They are great Sudoku fans and enjoyed doing these. My other daughter, aged 5, sat with me and we did the word searches together, which was a fun for me and her! 

The good value lies in the ability to be able to play the puzzles again and again.

Some of the puzzles are quite challenging and certainly got my grey cells working.
I am reliable informed by a puzzle fanatic friend that this version of Puzzler is better than the last. 

A must for any puzzle fan, both young and old. 

Puzzler World 2013 can be purchased from Amazon

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