Friday, 1 March 2013

Mr Colour Maker

Mr Colour Maker Review  

I was kindly sent Mr Colour Maker by the Entertainer.

Mr Colour Magic by Tomy currently retailing at The Entertainer for £25
I saved this for my 3 year old to review with me! (my excuse anyway). She loved it and for the first afternoon wouldn't put it down. It travelled up and down the stairs and in and out of rooms, it even survived being dropped a few times! As a mum of 4, with the eldest being 9, I have a morbid fear of noisy talking toys. However I have to say I was very impressed with the tone of voice and volume of this interactive learning toy. It was almost gentle and soothing!

Mr Colour Maker has three modes; create a colour, follow me and sing the rainbow. You get the mixing pot with a magical mixing brush and three pots in primary colours. To change mode you simply close and open the lid; no buttons to press or need to tip it up or search for a button! 

In simple terms it is a painting experience without the mess. It teaches children about colours and colour mixing. My 3 year old now sings along with the rainbow song. It has 50 phrases ( I haven't counted them all) and it doesn't have an on/off button it simply goes to sleep once inactive. Fabulous.

My 3 year olds favourite part of Mr Colour Maker is mixing the brush around and seeing the wonderful colours light up. I hasten to add that it was enjoyed by a 5, 8 and 9 year old who expressed a very keen desire to try it out so they could help their younger sibling!!

To sum up, Mr Colour Maker, is a robust, interactive, learning toy that has a gently soothing calm ambience (the only noisy bit can be an over enthusiastic child mixing too quickly!). My daughter  played with it non-stop for a day, put it down and then has returned to it again and again. She has become quite fiercely protective about it and can detect from another room if anyone else is playing with it, and although happy to share, likes to reclaim it as hers! I personally think it is a bit pricey but we have had a lot of play out of it and hopefully will continue to get a lot of play and learning from it.

I would like to send my thanks to The Entertainer for letting us review Mr Colour Maker. All the opinions in this review are my own and honest!


  1. That looks like a really good idea for Bubby D - she loves painting and I am tired of constantly cleaning painty fingerprints off everything!

  2. Absolutely - I was impressed with the soothing sound of it as I normally hate noisy flashing toys. It was nice to be able to let her play with it and not worry that the whole kitchen would be covered in paint!!