Monday, 24 March 2014

Win a LOGO Prize Pair from Drumond Park

Fancy Winning Two of the UK Top Ten Board Games from Drumond Park:

The ‘LOGO’ family game

A great game for all the family with 400 question cards in three categories, 200 pictorial,100 themed and 100 'Pot Luck'. Each picture card has full or part logo images to identify along with questions relating to the brand. This could be Wrigley' Gum, BMW or Birds Eye! Themed cards have headings such as 'birds' or 'relatives'. Pot Luck cards have a variety of brand themed questions. Guess correctly and you win the card. Every player is making their way to the Winning Zone and once there, if you get your question right you win. 
This is a lovely brand recognition and knowledge game, designed for family members of any age.


The ‘LOGO What Am I?’ children’s game

A multi-award winning game fresh from Drumond Park, which now boasts three activities built into the game. Players can choose to guess, draw or use their describing skills to race to the finish. Players have 60 seconds, using the timer provided, to try and draw, describe or guess what is on their opponents card.

The pack of cards features lots of well known companies and brands and other products. The game comes complete with  a colourful board, playing pieces, 60 second timer and hundreds of the cards.

Thanks to Drumond Park for this fantastic competition. 

Why not try ..
The Official LOGO board game app.  It’s on the Apple list (for iPhones and iPads), and it’s absolutely free!  This is the one and only Official LOGO app, published with fully granted permissions and approvals from all the contributing companies.There are 7 question types - Reveal, Blur, Tilt, Grid, Shape, Colour and Trivia - and 12 levels of play, involving more than 1,600 questions and approaching 400 images in all.

To win LOGO and LOGO Who am I?  please fill in the rafflecopter below.......

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  1. My kids would love this, last year I took them to Lego Land and they were all excited even though I joked I was taking them to Logo Land.

    1. My children love LOGO What am I? and would love to go to Lego Land as well!

  2. id love to play this with my family

  3. wow could really do with some new family games

  4. Congratulations to Kimberley Diane Heeps on winning these fabulous games. Thank you to Kimberley and everyone else for entering my giveaway.