Being a mum can be the most rewarding job in the world. It can also be the most challenging! Join me on my journey through motherhood and the highs and lows it brings. I blog when I get a moment; as you will see these moments are far and few between. But I am still committed to improving my blogging rate!


I am a busy (and sometimes frazzled!) mum of four children. C1 is 10,C2 is 9,C3 is 7 and C4 is 4 years old.

Organised chaos probably best describes our household. It is a constant juggling act trying to keep up with our ever growing children, a husbands busy work schedule and our children's social lives!

Staying at home with the children is a relatively new job for me as I chose to work when I had my first three children. I returned to work when they were all 3 months old and found it very hard. At that time I was a Headteacher of a large Primary School. I reached the stressful and dizzy heights of headteacher having taught children throughout the primary school phase and working as a Numeracy Consultant.

 I have never lost my passion for education but working long hours and having a husband who worked opposite shifts to me (i.e all school holidays,nights (when I didn't have meetings) and weekends meant we were like ships that passed in the night AND I never saw my children. I couldn't give 100% to either my job or my children SO I made a choice. To quit my job and give 100% to my family.

I continue to keep involved with education, spending time encouraging my own children on their journey of life long learning and support their school as much as time allows!

6 Years on from giving up work and settled  happily into a frantic routine. We are now a foster family so have even more little people to care for. Hence the large gaps in actually writing any blog posts, free time no longer exists!

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