I am a busy (and sometimes frazzled!) mum of four children. C1 is 10,C2 is 9,C3 is 7 and C4 is 4 years old.

Organised chaos probably best describes our household. It is a constant juggling act trying to keep up with our ever growing children, a husbands busy work schedule and our children's social lives!

Staying at home with the children is a relatively new job for me as I chose to work when I had my first three children. I returned to work when they were all 3 months old and found it very hard. At that time I was a Headteacher of a large Primary School. I reached the stressful and dizzy heights of headteacher having taught children throughout the primary school phase and working as a Numeracy Consultant.

 I have never lost my passion for education but working long hours and having a husband who worked opposite shifts to me (i.e all school holidays,nights (when I didn't have meetings) and weekends meant we were like ships that passed in the night AND I never saw my children. I couldn't give 100% to either my job or my children SO I made a choice. To quit my job and give 100% to my family.

I continue to keep involved with education, spending time encouraging my own children on their journey of life long learning and support their school as much as time allows!

6 Years on from giving up work and settled  happily into a frantic routine. We are now a foster family so have even more little people to care for. Hence the large gaps in actually writing any blog posts, free time no longer exists!

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